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This is only a fraction of the science and technology resources on the Internet, but provides a good starting point. Work through the links at the WWW Virtual Library site for many more sites on topics of interest. Updated/corrected April 2003.

General Science and Technology

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
Serious science.  Slow to load.
Science as discussed by leading researchers and writers.
"EurekAlert!" (Science news)
IEEE Computer Society
John Mattox's Home Page (Science Links)
Kimball's Biology Pages
Dr. John Kimball's phenomenal hypertext biology site. A superb resource.
Satellite image showing clouds and temperatures. Amazing!
NASA Quest Space Exploration
Science Magazine; ScienceNOW
Both from American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Scientific American
Talk.Origins Archive
Trove of Evolution/Creation information.
Technology Cyber Trends
Tremendous collection of quotations and links, by Professor John M. McCann, of Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. Don't miss this!
Theban Mapping Project
Egyptian archeology online!


Math Archives: Topics in Mathematics
Great gobs of mathematics-related links! (Is "gobs" a mathematical term?)

Computer Science and Resources

Computer magazines on the Web
Computer Virus Myths Home Page
Excellent information -- look here BEFORE forwarding another fraudulent virus "warning." -- The Professional Developer's Resource
This is for techies.
HotWired (Net news and opinion)
Programming Languages for the PC
Huge selection of links to programming language resources

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